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Our team is trained to support and be considerate of your needs but push you to achieve!

When you walk in, expect the instructor to welcome you, prep you for the session and explain the equipment and technique throughout.

Please always arrive 10 mins early to get your space and discuss anything specific we should know about you.

Wear standard gym attire with trainers, bring a water bottle, a towel if you like and we ask that you wear nil to minimal jewellery, please no gum whilst exercising.  It's a good idea that you don't eat too heavily an hour or so before your class for a more comfortable session. Bananas are a great snack for a good source of natural energy or try a granola bar or protein shake.

For BED sessions, grip socks are required.


For BOX sessions you can bring your own gloves or you're welcome to use the studio's. We recommend inners or wraps underneath your gloves for sweat absorption and protection.

For BIKE sessions we wear normal trainers not clip-ins.

Mini Trampoline

how can I book STUDIO SESSIONS?

Classes must be booked prior to arrival via online booking pages, cash not accepted.

Single Sessions are available or bulk buy a Class Pass to get a  discount but choose our Membership where available for best price.

- On our website go to: BOOK A CLASS > STUDIO  CLASSES > Search the location you want.


To buy a Single Session:

- Select any class, add your details, transfers can be made up to 24hrs prior to class start. 

To buy a Class Pass:
Select any class also choose the Class Pass you want.
- Pick your remaining sessions whenever you like within the period, the system will remember you have a Class Pass and deducts until all sessions are used, or Pass expires. 

- Depending on studio location, 6, 10 or 20 Class Passes are available for use within 30, 60 or 'unlimited' days from first booking.

- Individual use only. One use per class. Can only be used at studio location purchased.

To buy Membership:

- Select any class also choose Membership this will activate a 30 day rolling subscription with unlimited access to classes included.

- Pick your sessions whenever you like, the system will remember you have a Membership.

- Cancel anytime before the next payment date to stop subscription.

- Individual use only. One use per class. Can only be used at studio location purchased unless 'Multi-Site Membership' access.



((B)) @ HOME online classes are available on demand anytime to exercise from home anywhere in the world.

How to book an online class:

- On our website go to: 'BOOK A CLASS > ONLINE CLASSES

- Choose a class type and buy a Single Session or select Membership for unlimited monthly access.

- Enter your details carefully when booking (viewing access is sent to your email).

- To access your class, go to your confirmation email. Click on the green 'View Booking' button.  This will open your Bookwhen account in your web browser where you'll then click on the green 'View booked event' button.

- You'll be watching on the device you did this on. You don't need to download any software, it can play simply using a phone, your laptop or check your TV settings and use a HDMI cable to stream on your TV.

Buy our equipment HERE.



Sessions where children of any age can attend in the studio while you workout. They can sit and watch from the pram, chill in the corner with an iPad feel free to feed them, it's a welcoming vibe for kids of all ages (as long as they're considerate of other attendees) please note no running or balls allowed and always ensure they're in your sight for constant safety.
If there's a spare trampoline then they can bop along next to you, but to guarantee a child's own trampoline beside you, you'll need book another space. The minimum age for our trampoline classes is 8 years, for all other classes it's 16 years, all minors must have adult 


Please note most of our BED and BIKE studios are not child friendly (some are!) or there may be allocated waiting rooms, check with the franchisee or email us if you're unsure.

At allocated 'child friendly' classes you don't have to be a parent to come along, the workout is still the same and open to everybody, just be aware of kids around.


I'm injured / pregnant / post-natal CAN I ATTEND?

Our T&C's require you to have approval from your GP or Midwife to exercise, nobody knows your personal health situation like they do. However, most medical professionals will encourage women to maintain typical fitness routines throughout pregnancy and if so, we welcome you, please be mindful of your balance and temperate being affected, take the intensity down, have more breaks and mention your situation to the instructor before class so they can support you effectively.


After a natural birth it's usually fine to return to exercise after 6 weeks, or after a C-section it's typically 12 weeks, again, your GP will give you approval and always let your instructor know to tailor their support. 

The same consideration goes for those with injuries, doctor's approval is imperative for any health condition. Our 'low impact' classes are usually highly regarded as suitable because the trampoline mat absorbs the shock , same with the reformer bed springs.


Email us for any specific support via



((BOUNCE)) classes have a weight limit of 125 kg (approx 19 stone).

BIKE classes have  weight limit of 130 kg (approx 20 stone).

BED Classes have a weight limit of 155 kg (approx 25 stone).

BUNGEE classes have a weight limit of 88kg (approx 14 stone).

There is no weight limit for BOX classes.

There is no weight limit for BARBELLS classes.



The most effective way to ((BOUNCE) is to bend your knees, lean forward, tighten your tummy and push hard from the knees deep into the trampoline mat. If you're bouncing on the balls of your feet slightly you'll have more control engaging the abs every time you jump you'll be working the core too. 


In our BED or BIKE classes, the instructor will consistently recommend the best resistance to be on for your particular session and often give you alternatives to choose between. 

BOX is all about controlled impact so learn from the changing combos as they repeat and layer , whilst working against the resistance of the bag to suit you.

Speak more with your instructor on arrival at your first class and they will happily run through the correct technique more with you.



You can amend any pre-booked LIVE STUDIO class to another session with these terms: 

• Changes can only be made up to 24hrs prior to your booked class time.
• The new class must be within 60 days of the initial class.
• You can only amend session of the same value, at the same location, unless otherwise stated.
• Bookings can only be transferred once, not repeatedly.


To make a change please go to the Manage a Booking page HERE



For most items in the Boutique, unless otherwise specified, will be despatched to you within 7 days, within the UK, and up to 3 weeks for the rest of the world.

Our exclusive ((BOUNCE)) leggings are sent from a different warehouse to our other merchandise, so these items will often arrive in different parcels. Please allow 7 working days for the delivery of most items, unless otherwise specified on the product page.


If you have not received your order after the specified timeframe, please reply to your order confirmation or shipping notification email so that we have your order details and we can look into it for you.


can I click & collect my order?

Collections are available from our Harlow HQ: 17 Perry Road, Essex, UK, CM18 7NR

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 11:00 am & 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Saturday - Sunday 9:00 - 10:00 am.

No order can be collected prior to receiving the 'Ready for Collection' email.

For pre-sales, please email to ensure your item is in stock.

Please do not travel to HQ without confirmation that your order is ready.


On arrival, please park in the ((BOUNCE)) car park & ring the doorbell. Our staff will collect your items for you. Just make sure you have your order reference to hand.



We offer fuss-free tracked Returns!
- Returns are accepted for refunds only within 14 days of the order being delivered. 

- Visit the returns portal HERE. Fill in your details, print your returns label & drop at your local post office. 
- Ensure your Returns Card is complete and inside your parcel.
- An email will be sent once your return has been received & your refund will be processed, if eligible, in approx 14 working days. 
- A deduction of £3.50 will then be taken from your refund to cover the cost of this fuss free convenience.
Refunds are accepted as long as the product is:
- Unworn, unused, in the original condition & all tags still in tact.
- Clean, with no stains or marks.
- In the original protective packaging, or similar.

*Returns for refund only. No returns on gift cards or sale items. 

If you do not have a Returns Card please reply to your Order Confirmation or Shipping Notification email notifying us of your return. 

If you receive a faulty or damaged item, please reply to your Order Confirmation or Shipping Notification email with details of the fault or damage. Please include a photo where possible. Returns on faulty items will only be accepted if the item is unworn, in original condition with tags and packaging.

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