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There's a class style to suit everybody at ((BOUNCE)).

We've developed multiple resistance-based programs to suit all fitness interests, ranging from cardio to strength, body-flow to circuits.

Below are our class types which don't involve a trampoline!

Drum n bass workout centred around freestanding punch bags and also the trampolines. We'll use combinations of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks including toning and cardio on the bags and the trampolines. Use our boxing gloves or bring your own (or you can even do it without gloves). 

High intensity cycling class on a stationary bike with your instructor motivating you on an exhilarating ride. Speed and resistance will vary throughout the session, in time with the pumping music, to switch up your intensity.  It's you versus the beat!

One of our most popular alternative classes, this Reformer Pilates session will tone, sculpt and strengthen the whole body.  Using varying resistance springs on the bed, the difficulty level can be controlled by the participant, and it's all uniquely choreographed to the best music.

An intensive 30 minute resistance training fitness class, this is a fast full body cardio workout that focuses on core strength, speed, balance, muscle tone and fitness performance. The bungee cord is used as a resistance training tool that leverages gravity and body weight – the harder you push the higher you fly. Weight limit 90kg. Max waist 40”.



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