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((B)) sustainable

At ((BOUNCE)) we are working on our mission to be more conscious about our role in the fashion industry. We share in the responsibility of protecting our planet and keeping things sustainable when making our clothing choices.

The fashion industry has a huge climate footprint with waste being a big issue. 60% goes into landfill.

Items made from synthetic material takes hundreds of years to biodegrade.

To make 1 cotton t-shirt it takes almost 3,000 litres of water, thus contributing to major water waste


98% of our garments are WRAP Certified meaning all facilities comply with laws and regulations under 12 principles.

All left over fabrics and vinyls are donated to a local charity that reuse them for craft work with children. 


To reduce our climate footprint we work with a local U.K supplier for many of Boutique items which are made-to-order therefore reducing waste and overstock. All inks used are phthalate free (phthalate is linked to many health warnings) and vinyl’s are PVC plastic free. 


We are pleased to offer a clothing bank at our Harlow HQ, for any attendees to recycling unwanted, old and used items of clothing.

Giving clothing a second-life across various developing nations is a huge priority here at ((BOUNCE)).

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Our ‘second-hand and swap’ Preloved ((BOUNCE)) Boutique  Facebook Group is dedicated to sharing the repeat love of all of our produced clothing. This gives our items a longer life, allows others to update their wardrobe for less and crucially ensures less items go to landfill.

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All our delivery packaging from manufacturers to our warehouse comes in cardboard and is either directly reused or sustainably recycled.

All of the mailing bags we that we send our merchandise in, from our Boutique to your doorstep, are now 100% recyclable.


Our first release of clothing made from 99% recycled material is an exciting ongoing priority. Made from recycled plastic bottles – oil and impurities are removed – this is melted down and made into thread and fabric to produce incredible, sustainable clothing, committed to ((B)) kind to the environment!

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